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LRC Hamilton and HRLMP are committed to providing high quality laboratory results for our clients.
As one of the largest integrated laboratory medicine programs in Canada we strive to produce the right results the first time on every sample we receive.
List Tests By Laboratory
Test Laboratory: Histopathology
Test NameAlternate_Name 
Breast ResectionSurgical Pathology - Breast resection for mammographic abnormalities, Needle Localizations, MastectomiesView
Fetus (Gestational age < 20 weeks)Surgical PathologyView
Large Routine Specimens (Excluding amputations and breast resections for mammographic abnormalities)Surgical Pathology - Colon resection, Bowel, KidneyView
Needle Core Biopsies (performed in Radiology)Surgical Pathology - Prostate Needle Core Biopsy, Liver Needle Core Biopsy, Breast Needle Core BiopsyView
PlacentaSurgical PathologyView
Surgical Pathology Specimens, Small Routine SpecimensSurgical Pathology - Aspirations (endocervical, endometrial, etc.), Biopsy (gastric, skin, prostate, liver, kidney, bowel, etc.), Cervix/Cervical/Cone/LEEP Biopsy, Colposcopy Biopsy (including cerviView