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LRC Hamilton and HRLMP are committed to providing high quality laboratory results for our clients.
As one of the largest integrated laboratory medicine programs in Canada we strive to produce the right results the first time on every sample we receive.
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Test Laboratory: Virology
Test NameAlternate_Name 
Group B Streptococcus, Vaginal or Rectal SwabStreptococcus agalactiae, GBS, Group B StreptococcusView
Quantitative BK Virus PCRBK PCR, BK Viral LoadView
Rapid HIV-1 / HIV-2 AntibodyInsti HIV HIV for Patient in LabourView
Respiratory Virus PCR, Nasopharyngeal Swab (NPS)Flu, Influenza, FRI, ILI, NPS PCRView
Serology - Hepatitis B surface Antigen for Women in LabourHBsAg, Hep B, Hepatitis, Surface Antigen, LabourView
Serology Cytomegalovirus Antibody (IgG) - ImmunityCMV IgG ANTIBODY, CMV IgG IMMUNITY, CMV Immune StatusView
Serology Cytomegalovirus Antibody (IgM) - DiagnosisCMV IgM Diagnosis, CMV IgM ANTIBODY, CMV Diagnosis, TORCH View
Serology Hepatitis A Antibody (IgG) - ImmunityHepatitis A Immunity, Hep A IgG View
Serology Hepatitis A Antibody (IgM) - Diagnosis Acute Hepatitis A, Hep A IgM, Hep A Diagnosis, Acute Hepatitis View
Serology HTLV (Human T Lymphocyte Virus) I/II AntibodyHTLV I/II Antibody, HTLV, Retrovirus (Human)View
Serology Measles Antibody (IgG) -ImmunityRubeola, Red MeaslesView
Serology Mumps Antibody (IgG) - ImmunityMumpsView
Serology Varicella Zoster Antibody (IgG) - ImmunityVZV Immunity, VZV IgG Antibody, Chicken Pox AntibodyView
Throat CultureThroat C & S, Group A Streptococcus View
Viral Load CytomegalovirusQuantitative CMV PCR, CMV Viral Load, CMV Antigenemia View