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LRC Hamilton and HRLMP are committed to providing high quality laboratory results for our clients.
As one of the largest integrated laboratory medicine programs in Canada we strive to produce the right results the first time on every sample we receive.
List Tests By Laboratory
Test Laboratory: Special Coagulation
Test NameAlternate_Name 
Activated Protein C ResistanceAPCR,APC Resistance, Screen for Factor V Leiden MutationView
Alpha 2 Plasmin Inhibitor, Citrated PlasmaAlpha 2 Antiplasmin, A2AP, Plasmin inhibitorView
Antithrombin - FunctionalAT3View
Antithrombin - Immunological, Citrated Plasma View
Apixaban View
C1 Inhibitor, Functional View
Dabigatran LevelPradaxView
Euglobulin Lysis TimeELT, ECLTView
Factor II Assay BiologicalF2, F2B, Prothrombin levelView
Factor II ECHISF2EView
Factor IX Assay Factor 9View
Factor IX InhibitorFactor IX Inhibitor - Human (Bethesda)View
Factor V APC Mutation: DNA AssayFactor V Leiden Mutation, FVLView
Factor V AssayF5View
Factor VII AssayF7View