Committed to Quality

LRC Hamilton and HRLMP are committed to providing high quality laboratory results for our clients.
As one of the largest integrated laboratory medicine programs in Canada we strive to produce the right results the first time on every sample we receive.
List Tests By Laboratory
Test Laboratory: Transfusion Medicine
Test NameAlternate_Name 
ABO & RH GroupBlood Grouping ABO/RhView
Antibody Panel - SingularSaline Panel, Coombs Panel, Gel AHG PanelView
Cold Agglutinin AssessmentCold Agglutinin Titre Thermal AmplitudeView
Cold Agglutinin Screen View
CrossmatchFull CrossmatchView
Direct Antiglobulin TestCoombs Test, DAT, DAT PolyspecificView
Direct Antiglobulin Test - Monospecific Complement  View
Donath LandsteinerIndirect Donath LandsteinerView
EluateEluate and Antibody ScreenView
NierhausFetal-Maternal Erythrocyte Ratio KleihauerView
PhenotypingPhen-direct, Phen-indirectView